Subbie Spec - Article 1

From Planning to Peg-Out

On the 9th May 2024, Project Manager Jake Nicholson and Client Consultant Brooke Kerkhof headed to 52 Hugo Shaw Drive in Bridleways Estate. Armed with a set of plans, two measuring tapes, a sledgehammer and some wooden pegs, they set out the perimeter of Davies Homes’ latest new-build, ready for excavation the following week. This first breaking of ground marks the official start of construction for the exciting new Subbie Spec Project.

A ‘spec home’ is a house built for the purpose of selling upon completion. There is no client the house is being built for. This also means that the building company funds the materials and tradespeople required for the job themselves. Where our Subbie Spec Project differs from a typical spec home is Davies Homes are not solely funding the project themselves – every one of the Subbie Spec partners are funding their part of the project, and we are all contributing our goods and services to build the home together.

The idea for our Subbie Spec Project first arose mid-year 2023. Managing Director Daniel Davies wanted a creative way to show our continued support for our key contractors. As a building company, a hallmark of our work is the quality of homes we produce, and this relies heavily on working with excellent trade professionals. If we want to build the best, we need to work with the best. For building companies and subcontractors alike, it is essential to have a strong network of professionals to rely on. We are both very proud and very grateful to be surrounded by our fantastic team of suppliers and tradespeople who all support each other in the building industry.

The idea was presented at a Davies Homes supplier meeting at our Design Hub in Te Awamutu. After incredibly positive feedback, it quickly grew traction. Before long we were consulting with lawyers and accountants to form the Joint Venture company, and we were drawing up possible designs and aesthetic colour schemes in the office. Keeping in mind the key philosophy of collaboration and support, we held a vote to choose the plan and colours, and made adjustments to the plans based on everyone’s feedback. By the time the financial and legal details were finalised, we were ready to submit to council for building consent, and all very eager to see construction commence.

Follow along our journey as we build this beautiful house that we are all invested in – a true passion project for all contributing partners. We cannot wait to show you the finished home.

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