In-House Design Team To
Help Save Time & Money
Build your dream home

In-House Design Service

Building the best starts with design, so we employ our own team of lifestyle home builders and architectural designers in-house.
With aesthetic flair and construction experience, our designs look stunning whilst getting the most out of your budget.

Our Design & Build Service is second to none, managed 100% in-house to save our clients time and money. Our Senior Architectural Designer has been building and designing homes for over 40 years and has exceptional knowledge of both the design and construction industry. With the support of our Aesthetic Designer and the latest market-leading software, our designs are architecturally beautiful and cleverly designed, informed by intimate knowledge of how building works, all for a significantly lower cost and faster turnaround.

Smarter Options

We think it through

We know building. For 20 years we’ve built houses day-in and day-out. Which means we can anticipate outcomes and foresee potential issues others can’t.

Our new home builds designers work through the challenging aspects and have construction details in place at the onset to ensure there are no unforeseen costs.

We save our clients money

If there is a cheaper or better way to achieve your vision without compromising on it, we’ll tell you. There are many ways to achieve the same outcome, and as construction experts and master builders Waikato, Cambridge,  Te awamutu and more we know them all.

Stunning design and enjoyable living doesn’t need to cost the earth – see for yourself.

For Easy Living

We design for enjoyment

Look is important, but so too is comfort. We want you to love looking at your new home, but we want you to enjoy living in it more!

With that principle in mind, we consider everything: indoor and outdoor flow, views, ground contours, sun positioning, house orientation, road frontage, noise, wind factors and more.

An Easier Design Process

We work faster and flexibly

Concept plans through to working drawings are streamlined through the process with our own designers. Changes can be made in a timely manner, without waiting for an outsourced drafting team to complete the work. Best of all, we don’t charge you for every change like architects do.

Our designers have vast experience in the construction industry, and so can offer practical advice along with affordable solutions.

If any construction challenges arise throughout the process, we can work quickly to resolve them as cost effectively as possible.

Focused On You

This is your home, let's keep it that way

Your house is unique to you, so we work to your vision.

We put the extra effort in to ensure the important points are drawn, detailed or noted on your plans so you get exactly what you want within your budget.

With the latest design software, we offer you quality 3D impressions of your home along with top quality working drawings.