If These Walls Could Talk

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Luxurious Features You Can’t See

The phrase ‘image is everything’ – used in Andre Agassi’s ad campaign for Canon cameras in the early 90s – could also, in some ways, apply to luxury homes.

People looking for a high-end home understand that aesthetics matter. When you walk into a well-designed luxury home, being surrounded by superior materials and beautiful decorative touches just makes you feel relaxed and content.

However, what’s hidden underneath all those luxurious features also matters. 

You can have the best architecturally designed home with the finest fixtures, fittings and decor, but that hardly matters if the walls – and what’s in the walls – are made from sub-par materials.

That’s why Davies Homes puts such a huge emphasis on these “hidden” elements to create homes that are truly high-end, from our framing right down to the type of insulation we use.

Why framing matters

Your frame provides the structural foundation of your home, so why wouldn’t you want this to be made from the strongest materials?

Davies Homes uses laminated veneer lumber (LVL) to create stronger, straighter and more durable walls for all of our homes.

This CodeMark-certified product – also known as J-Frame – is made entirely from renewable radiata pine.

It provides several benefits that help the Davies Home team continue to provide excellent quality homes to favourable timelines.

Structurally superior

J-Frame is made from lots of small pieces of timber that are glued together in layers.

This contrasts with traditional framing, which is often made from a single piece of solid wood.

The problem with solid wood framing is that it can contain natural imperfections and can warp and deform over time.

J-Frame avoids this by being straighter and more uniform, providing a stronger and more consistent product for builders.

With its lightweight yet robust composition, it allows for longer spans and maintains structural integrity while allowing flexibility in design.

The benefit to you, as a homeowner, is straighter walls that provide a superior, more refined finish that looks spectacular.

Saves time

When builders encounter timber framing that is warped or has significant knots, these need to be manually corrected before they can be used to build the frame for the house.

This adds precious time to the house-building process, potentially causing problems for other tradespeople – such as electricians and insulation installers – who need to wait until the frame is complete before they can do their work.

J-Frame streamlines construction timelines with its swift installation process, so Davies Homes can get your home completed sooner.

Environmentally friendly

J-Frame is made from sustainably sourced radiata pine, as verified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

With J-Frame’s 100% usable lengths, there’s also less waste at installation when compared with traditional solid wood timber framing.

Manufactured in Wairarapa for more than 20 years, J-Frame is an eco-conscious choice for Davies Homes.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Another feature that puts Davies Homes a cut above the rest is the quality of our insulation. We use Mammoth Insulation, a high-performing, long-lasting type of insulation that doesn’t sag.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, the insulation is cut to size and pushed into the framing. Because it’s cut precisely to size, it creates a seamless, smooth fit without tucks, creases or gaps.

This means not only will your walls retain more heat, they help absorb noise so you can enjoy a quieter environment.

Why choose Davies Homes

Davies Homes has earned its reputation as Waikato’s superior home builder.

For more than 20 years we’ve been helping people create their dream homes using the finest materials and standards of workmanship.

Read about ‘The Davies Way’ to find out more about what it’s like building with the best.

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