Subbie Spec - Article 2

Digout and Foundation

In the past couple weeks, things have been steadily progressing at our Subbie Spec in Bridleways Estate. With a beautiful Autumn morning providing the perfect weather for a digout, T & C Earthworks were on site early Monday morning excavating the site. Matt from T & C commented on the site being excellent ground. He said the section was relatively flat with only a 50mm fall across and requiring a standard 300mm digout, as specified in the geotechnical engineering report produced by Probase Engineering. Trucks of sand were brought in by the T & C team to fill and compact the newly excavated land and create the building platform, and the excess soil was carted away.

With the sand pad down, the team at AR Concrete were ready to begin the floor slab prep. They began by setting out the floor using timber profiles and gridlines to form the shape of the house. This is a very crucial step of the build as this determines the foundation for the rest of the build, and the quality of the slab plays a key role in the ease and quality of the next building stages. One of the many reasons we continue to use AR Concrete for all our homes is their excellent workmanship and high-quality results. We can always trust the team to pour a fantastic floor. With the formwork in place, waterproof membranes, polystyrene and steel were laid inside. Finally the concrete pump truck arrived on site and the concrete was poured over top, forming the building foundation.


With construction well under way, it was also time for us to fence off the site with temporary safety fencing. Decorating the site fencing is a 10m long PVC mesh banner marking the site as the Davies Homes Subbie Spec. Rather than using a typical Davies Homes site banner, this banner was specially designed for this project. Surrounding the Subbie Spec logo are all the company logos of our supporting partners, proudly showing off our collaboration together on this project. Now, driving down the developing Hugo Shaw Drive, there is no missing which build site is ours!

The last significant milestone in this stage was the arrival of our frames. They were delivered on-site by the Timmos ITM team, our long-time trusted merchant partner, ready for standing the following week. Check back in with the next article for the progress update on standing the frames, where the home will really begin to take shape.

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