For Over 20 Years Davies Homes Has Been Crafting Stunning Homes That Stand The Test Of Time
A builder who is a farmer - it's a winning combination!

Rural Home Builders

When it comes to designing and building the perfect rural home, there’s no one better equipped than Daniel Davies. This is because Daniel isn’t just a custom home builder, he’s a farmer too – and that makes all the difference.

With a deep understanding of the farm and its surroundings, Daniel can ensure that your workers dwellings and family residence is positioned just right, taking into account factors like races, paddock lay-out, and distance from the cow shed. There are important differences between building your dream rural home and building a worker’s farmhouse. For example, when you build your dream rural home, you focus on your personal wishlists and lifestyle, while when you build a worker’s house, you focus on function and value. Daniel is well experienced in both areas.

Moreover, his expertise extends beyond construction; Daniel comprehends the intricacies of earthworks, as well as the significance of water and power sources in rural settings. He pays attention to every detail, including features that are especially important in rural homes, like back porches for muddy areas, spaces for coats and boots, and cleverly designed service areas.

This ensures that your dream home is both beautiful and functional. After everything is built, you don’t want to be wishing you had done something differently – details matter. As a rural home builder who lives and breathes farm life every day, Daniel brings the ultimate in expertise to the table.

Proper planning and exceptional vision

We appreciate that some farms are huge – with the potential of countless different sites to choose from. Daniel can assess each one, carefully considering environmental factors such as views, sunlight and wind, and building factors such as land contour and site-specific costs.

Daniel can draw up concept plans for the top contenders, and will often present multiple options to make sure he’s building you the best home in the best location. A real rural builder like Daniel Davies can help you create the perfect rural masterpiece that you’ve always dreamed of. After decades of hard yakka – you deserve it!

Workers Dwellings

Our team has created a number of exceptional masterpieces, but we also provide very affordable worker housing. Each one is unique and is thoughtfully designed considering the lay of the land as well as what the worker requires in his role. We understand the different priorities that go into a worker farmhouse and will create a design that focuses on function, value, and our uncompromising Davies quality and Master Builders Guarantee.

You can rest assured that by entrusting your project to Daniel, your dream home will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient.With his extensive experience in building rural homes and his personal connection to farm life, Daniel understands the nuances that make a farmhouse truly exceptional.

Rural Locations Where We've Built

In all of these areas, Davies Homes has built rural homes. It would be a pleasure to show you these completed projects and discuss the thinking behind them. That way, you will be able to gauge the degree of our expertise, careful planning, and innovation.