Choose A Smarter Home -
Plan Smart, Design Smart, Build Smart, Live Smart

Your Dream Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating and living in the house of your dreams, you’re in exactly the right place.

Your home should be unique.  It should stand the test of time and be admired for decades to come. It should be crafted with care and respect.
For over 20 years we’ve created homes of distinction. Our standards are among the highest in the industry, while our designs are functional yet beautiful.

Plan Smart

It all starts with capturing your vision

Sit back, relax and start dreaming!

This is the really fun bit. It’s also the most important part. So take your time, relax, have fun and enjoy thinking about what your dream home will be like.

A great way to start shaping your vision is to start gathering ideas of features you’ve seen and love. We’ve compiled an ideas gallery to get you started. 

Then we’ll meet you on site, to get a feel for the flow, view and position of your site. Taking your vision and site into consideration, our in-house design team will develop a concept for your dream home.  

Design Smart

We don't just design homes, we design legacy homes

Admired for generations to come

Some homes are designed to stand the test of time. A century later and you can still appreciate the beauty, design and craftsmanship.  Those are the types of homes we create.

You can get a feel for a builder by the types of homes they build. We invite you to browse our gallery of stunning, designer homes. Each one is:

  • Designed to enhance the potential of each site: sun, views, privacy, positioning
  • Unique, reflecting the preferences of the owner
  • Functional, catering to the needs of today’s lifestyles
  • Free flowing, for easy, enjoyable living
  • Carefully thought out, with consideration given to statement features.

Build Smart

Highest construction standards for decades of enjoyment

Master Builders with 20 years experience

At Davies Homes we invest considerable care, thought and energy into each and every one of our builds.

The Managing Director, Daniel Davies personally oversees the design and construction of each home. After all, it’s his name on the builders licence and that’s over 20 years of hard earned reputation for renowned quality and design.

Each home is constructed to the highest standards of workmanship, for peace-of-mind and decades of enjoyment. To find out more about our process, please browse ‘The Davies Way’

Live Smart

We've perfected the art

For homes that not only look great, but are comfortable too

Living smart is comfortable living: energy efficient, healthier homes, built with the bigger picture in mind.

Davies Homes is your expert in designing a home that seamlessly combines excellence in design with comfortable living. And helping you understand what actually constitutes good design and comfortable living is what we do.

To find out more about homes designed for smarter living talk to us or discover how.

Mistakes To Avoid

There’s no doubt about it, the decision to build your own home is a big one. Like all big decisions in life, it pays to be fully informed. Know what pitfalls to look out for to avoid any stress, headaches and heartache in the long run.  

Not all building companies are owned and operated by licensed builders. Some contract out their builds.  In which case, you’ll want to know whose licence will be recorded against your home. Will it be a random contractor that no-one has heard of? Or worse, someone who has a bad reputation? This will affect the resale value of your home if people ask to see it. Daniel Davies records his license against each and every one of his builds, because he oversees each one personally.  For the home owner, this means the assurance of having a highly respected and reputable builder recorded against their home.  

Too often we come across architectural designs that are just not practical. They may look good, but they haven’t been designed with the most cost effective options in mind. Unless an architect has construction experience, and has been designing homes for a long time, they can’t possibly know them all. We are always on the cusp of the latest products and innovative solutions in construction; after all we do this day-in and day-out. 

Make sure that you are very clear about your budget, right from the start. Only work with a builder who provides you with a highly detailed quote. Look for hidden costs – what’s missing? What haven’t they allowed for that other builders have? Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When in life has the cheapest option ever been the best? There’s a reason for that!

When you take a look around at all the houses that are being banged up everywhere, do you notice how they all look the same? They’re just variations on a theme. Many of them are not well planned, they’re not practical and not laid out well. They don’t utilise space and light cleverly, and they’re downright boring.  Look for a designer who creates something special – something unique, aesthetically pleasing, functional and innovative. A well designed house will be worth a lot more when you go to sell it too. 

Take the time to understand the entire contract, and take the steps necessary to protect your interests.

  • Make sure your contractor has a license
  • Verify with your contractor that they are insured (contractor’s risk, workman’s compensation)
  • Check your contractor’s references
  • Consider hiring a lawyer to review and explain the contract to you
  • If you are unsure of anything, make sure you ask questions and get the answers in writing to protect yourself down the track. 

It takes a team to build a house. Some builders try and skimp on costs by employing the cheapest contractors. They could be inexperienced, cut corners or use inferior products. We only employ the best in the industry. If someone doesn’t meet our exacting standards, they don’t work for us – it’s that’s simple. We build the best homes possible, and so we engage the best. 

Upon closer inspection of the houses that are being rushed to market, you’ll notice that the ‘quality’ many builders talk of is not actually there. And that’s just what you can see. What about what you can’t see? 

Make sure that you choose a builder with a solid reputation for constructing superior quality homes that are beautifully finished. We can walk you through some of our homes and point out what to look for. 

It takes years to acquire the skills and knowledge to build a quality home, and to deal with any issues that arise in the most cost effective way possible. If your build is complicated, you’ll need an even more experienced builder to ensure the best possible outcome.

We know what it’s like – your new home is underway, you’ve been promised that you’ll be moving in on a certain date, and you’re planning everything to that date. There would be nothing more frustrating than not being able to move when you plan to. And yet all too often that’s exactly what happens. Make sure you deal with a builder who will do everything possible to ensure your home is finished and ready for you to move in to on the agreed date.